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This Is MUCC...

Joining the club is a great, affordable way to get into a new sport and to meet new people to go paddling/socialising with. From complete novices to seasoned alpine kayakers, everyone is welcome. We won Club Of The Year 2013 as the best overall club! Below are just some of the things we do:

Whitewater Kayaking

Conquer rivers, large or small, there aren't many things more exciting than kayaking. Our regular trips give you chance to practice skills from our Tuesday evening pool sessions, so you'll soon be paddling like a pro! We also compete at the BUCS White Water Racing event and run trips in Scotland (Easter) and the Alps (June). Andy and Rob are the guys to bother about any river info.


If you want to look really cool in a boat, this is the way to do it. Learn how to pull off big moves like cartwheels and air screws, or just surf a wave and casually twirl your paddles, your mates will definitely be impressed! There are many trips to practise your moves at, but The National Student Rodeo is the big annual event, and a fantastic party too!

Canoe Polo

Polo is a team game similar to basketball but with boats! Training with us on Thursday nights and taking part in our frequent fixtures is a great way to improve your paddling quickly, but the best bit by far is that you can "bin" people (push them in the water). We compete regularly against other northern universities and annually at Cardiff Polo tournament and BUCS Polo. Don't worry if you've never played, you'll catch on quick enough and there are sessions for complete freshers as well as hardy competitive training. Becky is your woman for more info.


Weave your way through awkward gates and tight corners, this takes some skill but looks impressive when you get it right (and absolutely hilarious when you don't). We're more than capable of teaching you how it's done though, so come along and give it a go! BUCS Slalom is the main event here, and we're hoping to run plenty of training trips too! Crispin is the man with the plan if you'd like some more info.


You can do more than just paddle with us! From Alton Towers trips to Tea Shop crawls, Laser Quest socials to fancy meals, there's something for everyone. We also do more usual things like bar crawls, afterall, booze tastes better than river water! Your resident party person is Molly, so come along to one of her many socials and don't forget the port/ absinthe/ home made advocat!